Browse and earn
The Online Insights Study is a research program conducted by Google where you can earn redeemable points worth up to $130 per year by using the internet like you already do.
Earn rewards
100 points
is worth $1
$10 or more
in points for joining
$1.50 per week
when you enroll your phone
$1 extra
every week for additionally enrolled devices
How it works
Enroll your phone or the web browser on your computer.
While browsing the web, the study records the ads you see and your activity on different websites.
Your data is combined with other participants' activity for use in a privacy-first manner.
Each week you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards.
You're in control
You can pause data collection whenever you choose, and can leave the program at any time.
See what's collected
You can view the data that's been collected and choose to delete it if you like.
Your privacy comes first
Your information will be combined with other panelist data for use, and won't be used for serving you personalized ads.

Your personal information collected by the Online Insights Study isn't shared for use by third parties outside of Google.
Get set up
Depending on the phone or browser you enroll, you may need to make changes to your privacy settings.
Make sure you're eligible
United States residents 18 or older are eligible to join the study. If you're under 18, you're welcome to share your invitation with a family member who is eligible.
About the program
You can enroll any mobile device or browser of your choice in this study. If you agree to participate, Google will collect information about the ads you see and the websites you visit on your phone, tablet, or computer using Chrome, Safari, Firefox and other browsers.

Your activity will be combined with other panelist's activity to help Google develop measurement solutions that improve the online advertising experience and that puts user privacy first.

Google won't use the information collected for this study to report on ad campaigns to advertisers or serve you personalized ads. At any time, you can choose to delete collected data or leave the program and still redeem any points you've earned.
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